Maywood Trails

Maple Forest Trail

Enjoy a walk among our maples – some estimated to be over 100 years old. This short loop features hardwood deciduous trees. In spring, wildflowers dot the forest floor. During March the maples are tapped for maple syrup production and our Flapjack Day event.

  • Trail Surface: Limestone screening
  • Difficulty: Flat
  • Distance: Approximately .3 mile

Pine Forest Trails

Looping through the northwestern portion of the park, the pine forest trails offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the evergreens and observe birds and wildlife. As one of our less traveled trails it offers space for a quiet walk in nature. In winter the ski trail uses portions of this area. Older maps may refer to these as the Wagon Trail.

  • Trail Surface: grass, hard packed soil
  • Difficulty: Flat with some wet sections in the far northwest trail sections
  • Distance: Approximately .7 mile

Prairie Trails

Maywood’s 21-acre prairie has several loops. The grass trails are mowed in summer. In winter this area is available for snowshoeing. Grasses in the prairie can grow to over 6-feet tall by the autumn and wildflowers abound from mid to late summer. Benches along the trail offer a place to rest and observe nature.

  • Trail Surfaces: Mowed Grass
  • Difficulty: Flat
  • Distances: Outside Loop Approximately .7 mile; Inner Loops .33 mile and .4 mile

Hillside Trails

Several trails run from the Ecology Center down the southern slope to the rivers and ponds. Portions of the trails are used for cross-country skiing in winter. On the far western border of the park a staircase provides access to the river trails below.

  • Trail Surface: woodchips, mowed grass, hard-packed soil, limestone chipping
  • Difficulty: Moderate to steep inclines, stairs
  • Distances vary

River Trails

Explore the Pigeon River Corridor with trails on both the north and south banks of the river. The suspension bridge spanning the river allows for easy access to the south side of the river, wetland trails, and Evergreen Park. Some of these trails are prone to flooding. Waterproof footwear is recommended in the spring and after heavy rains. These trails provide excellent birding during the spring and fall migration times.

  • Trail Surfaces: hard-packed soil, mowed grass, cordwalks, crushed asphalt
  • Difficulty: Flat with possibility of slippery, wet, or muddy stretches. Access to the River Trails from the Ecology Center uses trails with moderate to steep inclines or stairs. Access trails are wood chipped or hard packed soil and mowed grass.
  • Approximate Distances:
    • Northside of River from Bridge to Eastern Park Boundary: .12 mile
    • Northside of River from Bridge to Western Park Boundary: .25 mile
    • Southside of River from Bridge to Evergreen Park Boundary: .27 mile
      Southside of River from Bridge to Western Park Boundary: .27 mile

Wetland Trails

Surrounded by cattails and wetland grasses, trails through the wetlands provide unique opportunities to observe birds – especially during spring and fall migration. Some trail sections can be muddy or have standing water, especially in spring and after heavy rains. Waterproof footwear can be helpful when traveling these trails.

  • Trail Surface: mowed grass, hard-packed soil
  • Difficulty: Flat
  • Distance: Approximately 1.4 mile

Arboretum Trail

This short trail begins in the Hummingbird Garden and travels through the Arboretum to the stone Council Fire Ring. Visitors will enjoy learning about native trees and shrubs through species identification tags and interpretive signs.

  • Trail surface: Crushed asphalt, Mowed grass
  • Difficulty: Flat with some minor inclines
  • Distance: Approximately .2 mile

Generational Forest Trail

This short loop trail on the south end of the prairie was created in 2017. The area features a variety of trees and shrubs and is still under development. Benches along the trail provide places to sit and observe the expansive adjoining prairie.

  • Trail surface: wood chipped, mowed grass
  • Difficulty: Flat
  • Distance: Approximately .2 mile