Hours, Directions, Rules

  • Maywood offers ample parking in a paved lot. Walkways to the Ecology Center are paved and accessible.

  • Restrooms and drinking fountains are available inside the Ecology Center when it is open.
  • A porta-potty is available nearing the parking area when the center is not open.
  • We do not have an outdoor drinking fountain.

Park & Trail Hours
  • Open daily 4am-10pm
  • No park sticker or entrance fee is required for park use

Ecology Center Hours
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am-4pm
  • Saturday 9am-Noon
  • Closed Thursday and Sunday, for major holidays, holiday weekends, and between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Visit our events calendar for the most current information.

Park Rules

  • No dogs or cats are allowed in the park.
  • No alcohol consumption is allowed in the park.
  • Dispose of trash in designated containers or pack it out. Trash and recycling containers are available along the Ecology Center’s main walkway.
  • Respect the wildlife in the park. This is their home and you are visiting.
  • Observe animals and birds from a distance.
  • Keep noise including cell phone use to a minimum.
  • Do not feed birds or animals. No baiting of deer.
  • Take only photographs and fond memories.
  • No hunting or trapping. Fishing is allowed on the Pigeon River where DNR licensing and regulations apply. Catch and release fishing only is allowed on the ponds.

It is our collective responsibility to conserve the living things at Maywood for our enjoyment today and enjoyment by future generations.