Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog or cat to Maywood?

By City of Sheboygan ordinance dogs and cats are prohibited at Maywood. More importantly, dogs and cats can disturb, injure, or kill the wildlife that live in the park. View a list of Sheboygan’s dog friendly parks.

Are there picnic areas at Maywood?

Picnic tables can be found near the east side of the Ecology Center. The tables are used for educational programs at times. Aldo Leopold benches are placed throughout the park and provide seating in many of the different habitats.

Is there playground equipment at the park?

We do not have traditional playground equipment at Maywood but the park offers plenty of areas for natural play and exploration. To those looking for a playground, we recommend visiting the Shaw Family Playground that is located next to Evergreen Park on Hwy 42/Calumet Drive.

Are the Ecology Center and Trails Accessible by Wheelchair?

Pathways to the Ecology Center are paved. The main floor of the center and deck are accessible. An elevator provides access to the lower level classroom. Accessible restrooms are available in the lobby area. The trail to the Hummingbird Garden and through the maple forest are limestone chipped. The trail to the Arboretum is crushed asphalt. We do not recommend wheelchairs on other trails.

Can I have a campfire at Maywood?

The firepits at Maywood are reserved for Maywood sponsored events and are not available for use by the general public. Scouting organizations interested in using the firepits as part of a meeting should email Maywood.

Can I camp at Maywood?

Camping is not allowed outside of designated Maywood events. We recommend checking some of our nearby state parks for camping options.

Is mountain biking allowed in the park?

While riding a bike through Maywood is not prohibited, our trails are not designed for mountain biking. Riding a bike on a muddy or wet trail can lead to ruts which then require repair to make the trail safe for walking and hiking. Biking is also a major contributor to the spread of invasive species.

There are designated mountain biking trails at Evergreen Park and we strongly encourage people to ride on those trails. Riding through Maywood to access the Evergreen Park trails is allowed. If you use the Maywood trails to access the trails at Evergreen or to get from one side of the park to the other, please be courteous to other park users and ride in a way that does not damage our hiking trails.

The City of Sheboygan provides an interactive map showing designated mountain biking trails at Evergreen Park & Jaycee Quarry Park.

Areas of Maywood where bikes are prohibited include:

  • The staircase along the western side of the maple forest
  • The staircase at the southwest corner of the Ecology Center
  • Any off trail riding as this may cause erosion issues or may destroy seedlings we have planted.

Can I hold my wedding at Maywood?

As a City of Sheboygan park, weddings are allowed on the grounds. The park is best suited for very small weddings. Please view our wedding FAQ as there are guidelines regarding set-up and use of space. We do not currently rent or reserve any part of the park or building for private events.

Do you rent rooms or outdoor areas at Maywood?

Maywood’s indoor meeting rooms are available to environmental organizations during our regular business hours. Availability outside normal hours of operation varies. We currently do not rent space for private events such as showers or birthday parties.

Outdoor areas are available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved. Please note Maywood events take priority for use of all Maywood’s outdoor spaces.

To rent shelters or areas at other Sheboygan parks, please visit the City of Sheboygan Department of Public Works.

I found an injured bird or animal. What should I do?

Maywood is not a rehabilitation facility and our staff are not trained in wildlife rescue or rehabilitation. These are some useful resources that may help:

Wisconsin DNR Keep Wildlife Wild: Species specific information to help determine if an animal or bird needs assistance.

Pineview Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility in Fredonia: Pine View specializes in birds-of-prey (hawks, owls, eagles, falcons), predatory mammals (fox, coyote, badger), reptiles and amphibians, to include endangered.

Wildlife of Wisconsin in Cato: Wildlife of Wisconsin works with all species except hoofed; for eagles rescue and triage only.

Additional rehabilitation facilities can be found in the Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Rehabilitation Resources and Directory. 

Can I take home wildlife or a plant I found in the park?

No. Please leave birds, animals and plants in the park for everyone to enjoy. While wild birds and animals may seem like a fun pet to keep, many have specific nutrition and habitat needs that are best met in the wild. Per a City of Sheboygan ordinance, no person shall kill, maim or remove any bird or animal in any public park. The exception to this rule is fish that are legally caught in the Pigeon River.

Many wildflowers do not survive being transplanted and in some cases may be a protected species. Please enjoy them at the park.

Can I release animals that I trapped in my yard at the park?

Birds and animals (domesticated or wild) should not be released at the park. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Most animals will make an effort to return to their home territory – aka your yard.
  • Many animals are territorial. A new animal released into another’s territory is likely to be attacked, injured, or killed.
  • Trapping and releasing animals has the potential of spreading disease to new areas and populations.
  • Nature abhors a vacuum. The space vacated by the animal you trapped will likely be filled with another animal fairly quickly.

More information on dealing with nuisance, urban, and damaging wildlife can be found on the Wisconsin DNR Nuisance, Urban and Damaging Wildlife.

Can someone at the park help identify a plant, animal or bird I saw?

Our staff will do their best to help identify your finding. Please email your question to and we will respond as we have time. It is very helpful to provide photos, size reference, and location/habitat with your question. Due to liability concerns, our staff will not advise you if a particular plant or mushroom is edible.